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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  August 3, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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themselves on an otherwise neighborly small court. >> well, of course the incident is terrible. it is an awful thing to have happen for whatever purpose and they stayed pretty much away from most of the people in the neighborhood. i don't think they were angry or unhappy about stuff. they just didn't seem to participate. >> reporter: now, court records indicate the mother in this case had been through a divorce with allegations of abuse and battles over custody, child support and medical insurance. all that between 2006 and '08 according to court records. the deaths here have badly shaken this little court. everyone here is waiting to hear details how this pair died and exactly what were the circumstances. it does appear that detectives are working on the possibility of a mother/son murder suicide situation. reporting live in kensington,
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scott broom, wusa 9 news. >> scott, thank you. today police in georgia made an arrest in the murder of lauren giddingses. >> she had been living there since graduating from law school. derek mcginty is following the developments in this tragic case. joins us now in the news set with the latest. >> reporter: thank you. police are not telling us very much about this case at all but here is what we do know. the man police arrested, it was lauren's next door neighborhood and law school classmate. steven mark daniel. now he has been charged with felony murder. lauren went missing from her apartment back on june 25th and police found part of her body five days later. it was her torso wrapped in plastic in a trash bin right next to her apartment. police interviewed more than 30 people, poured over 200 pieces of evidence and that's what led
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them to issue an arrest warrant for daniel yesterday. >> we have enough evidence to make the charge. >> i spoke to mr. giddings last night once the warrant was signed. he was releaved that a warrant had been issued. that it had come to this point. obviously it does not take back the loss that he and his family are feeling. >> reporter: of course a lot more questions out there. police just aren't answering them right now. they are not saying what the motive may have been or if they have any idea what it may have been. he was supposed to hear in court tomorrow for a bond hearing. that's been called off. no date set for the case to head to a grand jury. daniel's attorney claimed his client's innocence today and said they will fight the charges. update on a suspect behind a series of bizarre attacks on women. this afternoon authorities released new video of the man expected of slashing women in northern virginia.
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the surveillance pictures show the man entering the marshall store in the green briar shopping center on june 20th. police say he used a sharp object, possibly a box cutter, to slash six women on their backsides. a cloudy and rainy day appears to have ended our 90- degree streak of weather. more storms coming our way? >> no severe weather at this hour. most is south of town. doppler 9000. you can access this on your hand helds and your own p.c. it is pushing across the northern neck headed towards the southern bay. showers near hagerstown and winchester and warrenton. everything is pretty light back there. some of los have a wet commute on the way home but looks like the heaviest activity is south of town. we will zoom into charles county. pretty heavy thunderstorm. not severe just yet. if you're going down 5 pretty good rain. 1 to 2 inches of rainfall in
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red. 1 inch in yellow. everything pushing to the south and east. will go across route 4 and 2 in the next half hour. the good news is, no warnings across the metro area right now. the other good news is temperatures. not since july 18th we have been below 90 degrees. we are below 90 degrees. in some cases we are in the 70s. we will come back and see if we can track emily which could become a hurricane in the not too distant future. >> thank you. new security measures the t.s.a. may activate across the country. it started today in boston. making quick reads whether passengers pose security threats based on how they answer a set of routine questions. peggy fox is joining us live from reagan national. >> reporter: the t.s.a. already has behavioral experts
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in 150 airports. these experts simply ob serve passengers behavior to determine if something is suspicious. now those same experts will be trained to ask questions in boston at logan airport, questions like so where are you going in washington is this where do you plan to stay? who will you be staying with? lots of questions like that. and they will learn how to determine based on the answers and the body language if that passenger might be a terrorist. americans are used to taking off their shoes, going through scanners and even embarrassing body pat downs but now they may face a round of questions similar to the procedures in israel. officers there ask numerous questions and study a person's behavior to determine whether they could be a terrorist. israel's airport has not experienced a serious terrorist incident in 30 years. >> there's nothing wrong as you just did where did i come from? i came from portland, maine. and it is just enough to queue
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an intelligent analyst. >> reporter: t.s.a. behavioral officers at logan airport are being trained to ask passengers questions and study the answers. the t.s.a. says in no way is it racial profiling. >> as long as the questions aren't very invasivor racial profiling type of questions i don't see anything wrong with it. i mean, i think national security takes precedent. >> reporter: after a series of over the top inspections of innocent travelers like when agents patted down a 6-year-old girl, made an elderly woman remove an adult diaper or had a man remove his colostmy bag, some are questioning it. >> we don't know if they actually are asking everyone or people who have darker skin tones or look more suspicious. >> reporter: and there is the fact that israel only has two airports. the united states has 450. >> we have to realize if you want nearly 100% security
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you're going to have to pay more. >> reporter: so the training began today and it will be put into place at one check point at logan airport starting august 15th. and after two months the t.s.a. will evaluate the program to determine whether to ditch it, keep it, or expand it. i'm peggy fox reporting live at reagan national. back to you. >> be interesting to see what happens. thank you, peggy. a home last man who jumped the fence at the white house just appeared in court. the secret service says 41-year- old james krudup is expected to be charged with unlawful entry. according to court documents the homeless man may have jumped the fence because he wanted to be shot. anny hong is joining us live from the courthouse with the latest. anny, wanted to be shot? >> reporter: that's what he was telling the police. the court documents we are looking at says he felt like a dead beat father. he said he had six children by two different women. a very sad situation. he was just in court as you
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mentioned about 30 minutes ago charged with a pretty serious charge of felony, of contempt of court for basically violating a stay away order that he was supposed to stay away from the white house. today he was just taken off urgent care so he will be taken back to court. basically he was told for a third time by the judge to stay away from the white house. >> reporter: the 41-year-old man is caught on tape and by the secret police when he jumped the white house fence tuesday evening. the incident triggered a white house lockdown and the closure of pennsylvania avenue for more than an hour. >> it kind of worries me and surprises me also. >> why? >> because people are so crazy now a days. they do everything. >> reporter: the secret service arrested him, took him into custody and confiscated his backup. explosive experts examined the suspicious bag and found only books and personal papers. >> usually in a case like this the president is taken into the
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underground bunker, the presidential emergency operations center and where he stays until there is an all clear. >> reporter: i contacted the secret service today and they were not willing to comment on the matter. it is business as usual here at the white house and security is still very tight. >> there are cops all over. i feel it is pretty secure. >> we are here visiting also. we can't even get near it really. it is really bad. it is bad for us because we are just hear visiting. but it is good, though, you know, for the president and for the family. >> reporter: now, he may also be dealing with another charge. unlawful entry that carries up to 180 days in jail. the more serious charge, the felony contempt of court if he is found guilty of that, that carries no maximum penalty and is a very serious charge. he is due back in court august 23rd. >> all right. thank you. a nightmare for children. that's how the attorney
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general eric holder describes the porn network broken up today. so far 70 people charged and 52 arrests made in 14 different countries. bust is being hailed as the largest of an online child porn ring in the u.s. ever. the operation started 20 months ago and targeted more than 600 people around the world. all of those are accused of trading thousands of pictures and videos of sexually abused children. >> it promoted sexual abuse of children under 12 all the way to infants. pornographic all over the world. >> the children were in often and intentional pain. even in distress and crying. just as one areas of the bulletin board mandated. >> the amount of porn swapped is the equivalent of 16,000 dvds. 20 suspects are still out there.
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authorities are looking for them but they only know them by their internet names. d.c. police are looking for a killer tonight. they say someone found 24-year- old bailey unconscious near 8th and jefferson in northwest overnight. investigators say he was stabbed and later died at the hospital. police have no motive and no suspects at this time. a lakeridge man is behind bars tonight after allegedly breaking into a woman's home in manassas. police say the victim picked up a t.v. and threw it striking one person in the face. he faces multiple charges including assaulting an police officer and breaking and entering. a frederick man is arrested and accused of attacking one of his employees with a medieval style axe. it happened early monday morning. you're looking at the suspect there. is he a painting contractor and the worker says he was doing some paperwork at his house when he was accused of stealing money from his bedroom. so then he apparently became
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angry, choked the worker, then went back to his room and returned with an axe. the victim suffered a 2-inch gash in his arm. a crane was lifting a wall into place when it tipped over. the good news nobody was seriously hit. investigators are now trying to figure out what caused the accident. a tree fell on to a cart and the driver suffered only minor injuries. one southbound lane of the gb parkway was blocked for hours. still ahead, democrats say the partial shutdown of the faa could be resolved even though congress is on their august recess. car seats are supposed to keep children safe but a new study finds some contain hazardous chemicals.
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i'm reporting from new york. we are getting our first look at the world trade center memorial site. we will have a preview coming up.
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wall street. longest losing streak. dow closing at 11,896. the nasdaq climbed 23 points.
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and s&p 500 rose 6 points. anita? >> lesli, next month it is the 10-year anniversary of those terror attacks on the world trade center. construction workers working around the clock to get the memorial ready. here is a preview of what the public is going to see. >> reporter: these are the footprints of the world trade center towers. the center piece of the 9/11 memorial. crews are testing the water that will flow constantly into pools. new york city's liaison with the world trade center families. her husband neil leven died in the north town. >> i can't imagine the feeling one person has and the spirituality that you get from the massiveness of the rushing hour. >> reporter: around the perimeter still covered are the names covered in bronze of the people killed on that tuesday including those from the
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airplane and pentagon. because the architects knew people would want to touch the names the temperature will be regulated. cool in the summer and warm in the winter. excavating and rebuilding the landscape was not only a monumental engineering fete but a political battle. many still disagree on the final design. >> you're always going to get people who are unhappy with the finished product, with the process, and there will always be people unhappy. >> reporter: the victims' names are pain stakingly arranged who they were, where they worked and beside some of their friends. across the plaza 400 white oaks are being planted. among them the lone tree that survived the destruction. all of it is in the shadow of one world trade center. 1776 feet tall symbolically. >> eventually the 9/11 plaza will be completely free and
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open to the public. the museum opens next year and does plan to charge an admission fee. >> thank you. on trial for ordering the protestors that drove him from power. he was wheeled into a courtroom cage today in cairo. the 83-year-old strongly denied murder and corruption charges. supporters and opponents clashed outside the court where the trial is being televised. he could be executed if convict the. heather mills is the latest victim of phone hacking in the u.k. paul mccartney's ex-wife said her voice mail was intercepted. that came from the trinity group of newspapers. the publisher has come under increased scrutiny after allegations of phone hacking at rupert murdoch's "news of the world." nightmare is over for a teenage girl near sydney, australia. authorities worked for 10 hours to remove a suspected bomb
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collar from around her neck. the drama captivated the nation. police are refusing to confirm media reports on ran somehsom notes were left behind. casey anthony ordered back to orlando. judge stan strickland did not give a reason for his decision to step down today. anthony disappeared from public view after she was acquitted of murdering her 2-year-old daughter. anthony's lawyer is challenging judge strickland's order. >> i have to say i woke up this morning and was happy to see some clouds. >> really. it was very okay to see a little rain coming in. >> very nice. >> it was. >> the grass is like please, come down. >> we are looking at at least the streak being over. we stopped at 16. all time record 30 days back in 1980 and 1988. live doppler 9000. you can access this on our
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website mostly the showers are light. in southern maryland still some heavy activity. we will zoom into portions of charles county down toward the northern neck. nothing severe but is this is a pretty heavy storm. this is going to plummet off to the south and the east. pretty good little cell too just to the west of mechanicsville. pushing off to the south and east and right now nothing is severe. where will these storms go? put it into motion with the computer and everything will crossover into the bay. it will move across the bay. it does appear as they get towards the bay they will weaken in intensity. that also is good. here is a big view of the satellite picture, radar combined. fredricksburg and richmond heaviest activity. pretty good activity in new york state. we are kind of in between. we dodge the severe weather the bad news is we didn't get that much rainfall out of it. 77 downtown. wow. it was only 97 this time
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yesterday. that's pretty good. 81 in manassas. 79 in leesburg and 75 in fredricksburg. this is a real treat. temperatures as much as 20 degrees cooler. we will take you down to the tropics. we still have tropical storm emily not that well organized just yet. it was better organized last night at 11:00 p.m. quite frankly. the track will take it essentially across into haiti just around the coast then across into eastern cuba then it turns a little more northeasterly just to the east of nasa which is good. indications are it will turn even more north eastward as it gets toward florida then kind of sling shots back out to sea. by the time we get to sunday and even into monday it could become a hurricane by monday at 2 p.m. with a minimal strengthed hurricanes with the wins at 75 miles an hour. if this is the track it is going to be good. not going to be a tremendous storm. riptides along the southeast coast but that's a small price to pay for what was supposed to
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be a pretty big hurricane season. our streak of 90 days is over at 16. a wet evening commute. some of the roads are wet. showers ending before midnight. lingering clouds tomorrow morning. high temperatures are average on thursday. haven't seen that very often. for tonight, showers and thunderstorms ending early and warm. temperatures between 70 and 75. next seven days. slight chance of a thunderstorm friday. a few storms over the weekend. flirting with 90 once again. 90 on saturday, 92 on sunday. low 90s on monday. isolated thunderstorm possible. dry on tuesday. then we are back up to around 90 on wednesday. so good news is there are some 8s in there and no triple digits. >> enjoy those while they last. >> 89 is welcome. >> it is welcome. >> isn't it, though. >> so true. all right. up next we snap children into car seats to keep them safe on the road but a new report finds some of them contain hazardous
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in tonight's consumer alert concert goers and sports fans will soon be able to pick up
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their tickets at wal-mart. the retail giant paired up with ticket master and plans to install touch screen ticket dispensers. a sales associate helps you complete the transaction, print the ticket. the service will be available by august 15th. we tell you all the time about how you need to have your children in a car seat. they need to be strapped in. installed properly and in that seat or booster until they are 4'9" or 8 and 12 years olds. but today a just released study raises questions about what's in those safety seats. environmental group ecology center says more than half of children's car seats sold in the u.s. contain hazardous chemicals and their researchers tested more than 150 seats and found 60% of them were made with chemicals like chlorine and lead. they are sometimes used in additives and plastics. ecology center compiled a list of best and worst seats.
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best are graccos. key fit 30. now to the worst list. rikaro's probooster. followed by this one. jet set. it is important to note that the group did not say the levels were high enough to be harmful and ecology center is not urging you to toss out your seat if it happens to be on the list. the one thing you can do is to literally vacuum the uphostery. that's where the highest level of chemicals is. you can go to our website and see if yours is on the rankings. business is booming. the baltimore sun reporting it has racked up its best in its history. the sun says the airport plans to shatter last year's mark of
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22 million passengers. they are moving towards the merger of its two biggest airlines. metro being told to clean up its act literally. met row has been cited for too many pigeon droppings in arlington. state officials they are roosting all over. no fines issued at this point but metro is being told you need to fix this problem. coming up next, new at 5:30:00 p.m. i'm kristin fisher at the good stuff eatery on capitol hill where president obama caused a major scene earlier today when he came here to eat for lunch. so what did the president eat? well, i've got the burger right here. find out what kind it is coming up.
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new at 5:30. with all of the attention we have been paying to averting a government default you may have missed a partial government shutdown that has been flying under the radar. >> it is at the federal aviation administration where 4000 workers have been furloughs because congress can't agree on funding. hundreds of those workers are in the d.c. area and our gary neurenberg is here now with that story. gary? >> reporter: it is not just the federal workers, this is the dispute that prevents airlines from collecting those federal ticket taxes which in turn fund hundreds of construction projects at airports nationwide which without the money can't
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pay the 70,000 workers on those suspended projects. >> reporter: house republicans want to cut subsidies to rural airports that they say don't make any economic sense. >> someone has to say no, no to wasteful spending, no to subsidies of $370 per picture. >> reporter: now some federal safety inspectors are simply working without pay infuriating the republican transportation secretary. >> members of congress could have easily put 74,000 construction workers and f.a.a. employees back to work. but instead, they went on vacation. >> good girl. >> reporter: stopping the paycheck of an faa senior systems engineer who now has more time than she wants with her blood hounds. >> i feel completely betrayed. >> reporter: democrats held a press conference to blame republicans today. >> this is one of the most outrageous things that i can comprehend. >> reporter: she has been in
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touch with an office that is blaming republicans too. >> we need to get this done and we should get it done today. >> reporter: and the president told reporters this afternoon this could be over this week. >> this is a lose/lose/lose situation and can be solved if congress gets back into town and does it job. they don't even have to come back into town. >> reporter: don't have to come back to town he said because it could be done procedural. there are plenty of politics involved here not just funding for rural airports but also union issues on which the two parties disagree. that waldorf f.a.a. worker has lots more to say about what this means for her family and coworkers. more from her tonight at 11 p.m. >> thank you, gary. a day after signing that hard fought debt ceiling bill, president obama treated his economic team to lunch and, boy, did they cause a frenzy at one restaurant. kristin fisher was there. we can tell people that it involved some burgers. >> reporter: yes, it is no secret. the president is a very big
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burger guy. he loves his local burger joints. you may remember when he first got to town he ate at a burger place in arlington. then five guys in georgia. today he took his staff to the good stuff eatery on capitol hill. >> when everybody started screaming i knew it was real. >> reporter: brian and the rest of the good stuff eatery employees only got a 10-minute warning they would be serving the president of the united states. >> he walked through the doors and said hello to everybody on the line, shook some hands then proceeded to give his orders. >> reporter: a prez burger. you would think he would order that, right? apparently he just ordered a plain old cheese burger with cheddar cheese and caramelized onions. >> great to have the president come have a burger with us. >> reporter: as word spread
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that the president and his team were eating outside a massive crowd began building outside. among them the martins family on vacation from iowa. >> very unique experience. told the kids it would be one in million chance of get that close to the president. >> reporter: they said they would never imagine they would get to film the president. >> exciting, fun, cool. >> i thought it was pretty awesome. >> reporter: but it wasn't just the out of towners that stopped to take in this presidential power lunch. >> it was a big moment for a lot of people from out of town and even for us locals it is still exciting. >> as exciting as it was for all of the employees at the good stuff eatery a presidential power lunch at your restaurant also means very big business. they are going to see a surge in business over the next few days, weeks, and, lesli, at the very least they got my business today. it was good. it was a good little lunch break. >> another thing to hang out with the president, that's for sure. >> thank you, kristin.
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>> you're welcome. >> anita? >> yum. sounds great. a new app. developed by the national park service. it comes with tour suggestions and allows visitors to design customized tours and walking directions of what they want to see. information, photos and videos all included. the app is free and can be downloaded for users of apple iphones, ipads and iphone touches. a google one is expected in the fall. a plane steeped in history landed at andrews air force today after a cross country flight. it was used for the airmen during world war ii. the pt 13 open cockpit plane will eventually be part of an inaugural exhibit of the national museum of african- american history. that museum will open later. a live picture.
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downed wires closing georgia avenue between brookville road and boardly drive. at this time we do not know when they will be able to reopen the roads. so in the meantime i suggest that you either take route 108 or new hampshire avenue as your alternate route. let's go over to the beltway in virginia. earlier accident on the outer loop right here at braddock road has been cleared as you can see. no equipment left except for the heavy traffic which begins at route 50 and anondale and pretty much consistent down into springfield right now. we will take a look at 395. here is what it looks like on washington boulevard. another accident here cleared but delays pretty much heading southbound to duke street. we also have a commuter alert for motorists on interstate 66 in virginia. governor bob mcdonell announcing a pilot program to display travel times on congested highways. electronic message signs will display miles and minutes to the beltway and gainsville. the new program goes into effect august 22nd and if successful it could be expanded to other highways in the
5:37 pm
commonwealth. >> back to you. >> thank you, monica. up next actor matt damon gets into an intense discussion over teacher tenure. you'll hear from a man who tried to scale the walls on the white house. don't forget we are always on stay with us. we will be right back. 
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caught on tape. police in brooklyn are looking for a man who stole a purse from an elderly wheel chair bound woman. the woman wasn't hurt. police hope the excellent quality of this video leads them to that criminal soon. more reasons to speculate some of the teacher in the district could have been coaching students on standardized tests. according to the washington post since the story broke about alleged cheating test scores have gone down significantly. reading scores fell 25% and math down more than 20 points. test scores were invalidated after an investigation by our
5:41 pm
partners at u.s.a. today found evidence of cheating. oscar winner matt damon is making headlines once again but for something other than his work on the big screen. last weekend the actor attended the save the school's rally here on the national mall. during an interview with a reporter from the libertarian website "reason t.v." the journalist suggested the only reason he works hard because he lacks job security which teachers do not. >> it is like saying a teacher is going to get lazy when they have tenure. a teacher wants to teach. why would you take a [ bleep ] salary and really long hours and do that job unless you really love to do it. >> the save our schools rally was a protest against the obama administration's education policy and the bush era no child left behind act which places a major focus on standardized test scores. tornadoes touched down in south florida. >> coming up, a woman shows us just how close one twister came
5:42 pm
to killing her handy capped daughter. >> some showers across the area. pollen we will look at. did not washout the pollen. weed and mold spores in the medium range. we will show you a video. we will see if we can keep a streak of temperatures under 90. a health alert for women. a vitamin taken during pregnancy that could help keep babies healthy in their first months of life. we will be right back. ♪ [ rock ] [ chattering ] [ man on tv ] 96309. [ man ] ♪ she got it, you got it ♪ i got it, we got it [ groans ] ♪ who's got it see you later. ♪ yeah!
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♪ come on, she got it you got it, we got it who's got it ♪ we're all different. that's why there are five new civics. the next-generation civic. only from honda.
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a warning for pregnant women. ladies, you may want to steer clear of microwaves. a new study from kiaser permanente finds children born to women with the highest level of exposure to electro magnetic fields are three times as likely to get asthma and there may be a higher miscarriage risk as well. researchers say electro magnetic exposure in the home can come from microwaves, hair
5:46 pm
driers an vacuum cleaners. pregnant women are being warned about a yeast infection drug. the f.d.a. raised a red flag about high doses 69 drug sold under the brand name diflucan. taking high doses during yoir first trimester could increase the risk of a rare set of birth defects. the f.d.a. says a single low dose to treat a yeast infection, that is okay. moving on from warnings about what to avoid to what expectant moms should seek out. a type of vitamin that could help keep newborns from getting sick. >> reporter: three weeks ago the family expanded by two. while she was pregnant she took a vitamin that contained omega 3 fatty acid to help the development of the twin's brain an nervous system. now a study finds that that can also give her babies extra protection for the first six months of life. >> it also seems to be important for immune system function at this point also. >> the study looked at 800
5:47 pm
babies whose moms took dha supplements. research found they were less likely to get sick and have less difficulty breathing and the babies who did get sick fought the symptoms off faster. doctors recommend pregnant women take 400 milligrams a day. usually in the form of vitamins. they are also advised to eat fish that's low in mercury and high in fatty acids. >> you can also get it in certain foods like cheese, yogurt and eggs these days. >> reporter: she is still taking those vitamins since she is breast feeding the twins. >> just knowing that taking prenatal vitamins has me feeling a little bit more confident. >> the f.d.a. says pregnant women can safely eat up to 12- ounces of seafood that is low in mercury. virginia's sales tax holiday two weeks away. so from august 5th through august 7th, friday to sunday, you can do that back-to-school shopping tax free in the commonwealth and qualifying
5:48 pm
items include supplies that sell for $20 or less and certain clothes and shoes that are $100 or less. and then comptroller in maryland announcing details for the annual tax free week today and that takes place sunday august 14th through saturday august 20th. the state will waive the 6% sales tax on qualifying clothes and shoes that cost $100 or less. we are getting a look at the legoland. it opened in mid-october. it is going to feature more than 50 rides, a mini rollercoaster, a jousting course and an island in the sky lifting riders 150 feet in the air. visitors will also encounter 550 figures around the park made from 50 million lego bricks. >> that takes patience to build. >> that's not the only thing coming to florida. >> as long as the rides aren't made with legos, that's okay. >> don't want that.
5:49 pm
>> we actually have a very interesting story. down in florida as you mentioned. a florida women is telling a compelling story of a close call with a tornado. it showed the sudden funnel cloud over a tarmac. leha baldwin could go no further than her kitchen. that's where she stayed on the floor. meanwhile her handicapped child was in the bedroom, the only room that eescaped damage. >> he kept her. he kept her. because if you see, it stopped right there. my baby was there. >> again, in is in tamarac. check this out. a giant avocado tree was pulled out of the ground. giving more credence to how strong this storm was. no one was seriously hurt. >> we are looking at light showers. most heavy activity is about to push across the southern bay. lie showers back through hagerstown and out to the west. but really we are in pretty
5:50 pm
good shape. wish we could have squeezed out a little bit more shower activity, more rain. heavy activity in st. mare's county, calvert count and down into the northern neck. bigger view, satellite picture, radar combined. showers will end well before midnight. temperatures, wow, is this a treat. 98 yesterday at this time. 77 right now downtown. 73 in gaithersburg. 81 manassas. 75 in fredricksburg. if the sun had come out it probably would have been 93, 94 degrees but it didn't. and we will take it. so our streak of 90 degrees is over at 16. been 90 plus since july 18th. a wet commute for sox us. showers ending well before midnight. again, some of the clouds could linger into tomorrow morning. high temperatures will be average on thursday. about 89. we will take that. average can be good once in a while. >> for tonight showers and
5:51 pm
thunderstorms ending early. warm. lows between 70 and 75. winds become northeasterly at about 10. not exactly going to be cool inside the beltway tonight. we are still talking mid-70s. even in the burbs. 70 in gaithersburg. 70 in bowie. 74 waldorf. 71 fairfax, reston. 69 in leesburg and 70 in manassas. not going to be like cool, canadian air is on the rescue. 70s and 80s. by afternoon partly cloudy. almost hot. not quite tomorrow. high temperatures near 90 and winds out of the east at about 10. now, the next seven days. probably holding in the upper 80s on friday too. go back to around 90 on saturday and sunday with some scattered showers and thunderstorms. not a washout though. then low 90s on monday. a couple of storms. a break from the storms on tuesday. afternoon storms on wednesday. temps around 90. that's the only really way we can, a, water our grass, and b, cool off. >> we sure do.
5:52 pm
training camp in full swing in ashburn. >> in some ways you might not be able to tell. kristin berset is there live now and tell us more now. >> reporter: ladies, training camp is usually the time the fans look forward to. the start of the n.f.l. season. they get up close and personal with their team. here at redskins park fans are usually three, four deep away from the fields. but that doesn't seem to be the case this year. dave owens takes a closer look as to why it seems there is a fan decline. ♪ hail to the redskins >> reporter: not so fast. clouds cheering on the team at training camp thus far have been, well, sparse. >> it is less fans out here this year as opposed to the past. >> reporter: why. >> don't get that electric feeling you saw last year. i think so one was excited by donovan mcnabb and mike shanahan joining. >> reporter: open practices to the public begin seemingly at the crack of dawn. >> waking up in the morning was
5:53 pm
a little tough. >> reporter: and then the big reason. >> why do you think that the numbers are down so much? >> dan snyder. we need someone who knows how to run a football team. >> reporter: tough critic. but she's got company. >> i think people are a little tired, tired of losing. >> reporter: staffers working the tents for fans a little lonely. >> in years past you needed a pretty good four-arm shiver to find a good spot to watch the team. >> this year plenty of good seats available. how is the view? >> terrific. >> see what i mean? >> to be fair, attendance is down at other camps as well. general manager bruce allen thinks labor strike has something to do about it. >> this lockout and late start to training camp didn't allow people to plan proper lrg. >> reporter: and the metro area did just go through the hottest july since 1871. still, this saturday's fan appreciation day should provide a litmut test. if attendance approaches 30,000 as it did the last three years then maybe the story goes away. safe bet there is one guy who
5:54 pm
is hoping it does. dave owens, 9sports now. >> i do want to mention though that the redskins don't normally give out numbers to the fans hacome to training camp. we will see on fan appreciation day. but i did speak to a friend of mine that covers the miami dolphins and he has seen a big decline down there as well. so it seems to be a trend that has kind of gone around the league. ladies, those fans that did make it to camp today saw the injury bug hit the redskins. i'll have more on that coming up at 6 p.m. for now, live from redskins park, kristin berset, back to you guys in the studio. >> just got started. can't lose them already. >> kristin, we will see you at 6 p.m. up next, a peacock causes quite a stir when it wanders away from the central park zoo and sets up a percentage perch. p -- sets up a perch.
5:55 pm
>> we are helping you get hired. advice on how to build the resume, nail the interview and dress for success. you won't want to miss our special all morning long from 4:25 to 7 a.m. right here tomorrow on 9news now. beth!
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a fugative peecock. >> es caped from central park's zoo and perched on a window sil of an apartment building. it returned on its own. that feather friend has already gained a following. following. >> reporter: this was enough to make heads turn. >> you look up and there is a peacock sitting on a window sil. >> reporter: outside a swanky apartment building on a ledge 5 feet up a peacock that escaped from the central park zoo enjoyed a bird's eye view of the city. >> must be enjoying it a little. something about the view must
5:59 pm
be appealing. >> reporter: the 2-year-old peacock is not the first zoo animal to go rowing this year. in march a cobra from the bronx zoo slithered away and eveyeded capture for days. now like the cobra before it this escapee has emassed a following including two people posing as a peacock on twitter with one proclaiming i'm too proud to go back. >> that's great stuff. that peacock by the way flew around, flew away around 6:45:00 a.m. this morning after about 18 hours on that ledge. thanks for joining us for 9news now at 5 p.m. 9news now at 6 p.m. starts right now. >> right back to our breaking news in montgomery county, an aparrot murder/suicide involving a prominent psychiatrist and her 13-year- old son. scott broom is outside the home with more on


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